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In a today’s world of digitalized business processes, the volume of data being created, consumed and exchanged is growing at immense speed. At the same time, businesses are required to be accountable for the data they manage and utilise.

A Data Protection strategy will not only be an asset for businesses, but a necessity to improve information security while maintaining compliance with constantly evolving standards and regulations.

That’s why we work with organisations on their data protection strategies, allowing them to:

  • Identify and overcome challenges that contribute to data breaches / failure in compliance
  • Gain clear insights of data flow within your information network and identify areas for enhancements
  • Improve processing of personal data, ensuring relevant consent is taken and tracked
  • Implement detailed processes for accessing and erasure of data
  • Demonstrate compliance to local authorities such as TRM, IM8 and PDPA Singapore
  • Remain compliant with international regulations such as DPA, GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, PIPA, etc.
  • Align actions with best practices and standards on data management (e.g. MAS TRM Guidelines, etc.)

To learn more about enhancing your data protection strategy and compliance with relevant regulations, contact our experts via sales[at] or +65 6535 0668

Why Industry Leaders and Governments Trust Our IT Security Products and Services

  • Protecting millions of digital identities for leading FSIs and several government agencies
  • Zero outage in Singapore-based projects
  • SG-PDPA and EU-GDPR ready
  • Secures over 80% of all e-banking transactions in Switzerland
  • Co-created with our customer, a leading international bank
  • Secures 4 out of the 5 largest Swiss banks

Our Track Record

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore | Federal Office of Information Technology | Federal Office of Communications | Federal Department of Justice and Police | Swiss Federation of Notaries | Federal Office for Agriculture

Swisscom | Mercedez Benz | Notenstein | PostFinance | Segetis | UBS | SFS Group | Helvetia | Die Mobiliar

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Turning Data Protection into a Competitive Advantage for Your Business

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