Why join AdNovum?


At AdNovum you work on real projects from day one. Your workspace with your laptop and high-adjustable desk will be ready with your welcome package. Our well-established onboarding procedure, education, dedicated mentors and expert teammates help you to put theoretical knowledge into practice. You have the chance to develop into various directions: project or people management, diverse technologies, etc. We also offer flexible working hours and home office so you can finish your studies or work on your hobby project.

Growing talents into experts

‹‹As a junior you get plenty of help and your colleagues guide you until you can work on your own. There is a well-planned process for newcomers.››
Márton Jakab, Software Engineer
‹‹I could get an insight into a wide variety of the newest and trendiest technologies, and develop in the ones I already knew. To be able to practice all the things I’ve been taught at university was a whole new experience for me.››
Felícia Kránitz , Software Engineer
‹‹Working at AdNovum means that we face interesting tasks and professional challenges in our work. Having trust in each other and each other's work means there is no challenge we cannot solve together as a team.››
Bálint Ács , Software Engineer

About AdNovum

AdNovum is a leading Swiss software engineering firm specializing in the design, implementation and integration of large-scale business and security software solutions. Renowned Swiss and German customers from various industries and the public sector rely on AdNovum’s services and products. Our development center in Budapest is continuously growing so we are looking for new experts for our ongoing and green field projects.